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Innaya Heritage Jewellery is an independent jewellery label founded by Mahmuda Syed Hasan in the UK. A passion for heritage and intricate jewellery came at a young age and appreciation for design and detail grew through an interest and hobby.

Today IHJ offers unique handcrafted jewellery pieces inspired by both vintage South Asia and Persia. Quality and luxury are the core attributes to creating one of a kind and limited edition pieces that are initially sketched and then meticulously crafted by our team of specialist artisans in South Asia who pride themselves with great focus in design and detail. 

Above all the aim for IHJ is to maintain the revival of traditional key pieces both in method of handicraft and also in aesthetical quality.


Innaya Heritage Jewellery is heavily inspired by vintage South Asia and Persia, from Mughal paintings to royal family portraits, these resources are paramount in aiding the revival heritage jewellery pieces. Looking at lithographs and detailed drawings of structure components and gems gives good knowledge and sets a foundation in making our designs. Every piece aims to be a piece of art, a style statement and a conversation starter, which embodies true culture and heritage.


Sketches of designs are received at our workshop in Pakistan, after assessment and discussion the design is handmade by artisans who share a passion and keen eye for detail.

After casting in sterling silver the design is polished to perfection and then finished with 22 carat gold plating depending on the design, alongside this a mixture of semi-precious and precious stones including garnet, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst and topaz to name a few. Another prominent component to used is freshwater and rice pearls, solely for their individuality, beauty and uniqueness. 

IHJ strives to achieve and deliver mastery in every part of the design process from inception to completion and continues to provide women around the world with unique and beautiful heritage pieces with the highest calibre.


All IHJ  jewellery is made from sterling silver. You will find our makers mark IHJ stamped on each article.


A gold plating means that a layer of 22K gold is deposited on top of another metal, in our case silver. The silver will therefore become visible, if the plating wears off.

We plate with a 22-23.5K gold alloy. It is difficult to accurately predict how long a gold plating will last. It greatly depends on how often you wear it, where on the body it’s placed and how active you are.

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