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Being Umrao Jaan

Umaro Jaan: An iconic bollywood film based on a modern Urdu novel. More than anything this movie was a visual feast. A film that illustrates the trials of a beautiful woman: Focusing on various themes from falling in love, exemplifying her seductive dance and the silence of her sadness.

Based on a modern Urdu novel: Whether you prefer the original or remake, Rekha or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The jewellery depicted in the movie was outstanding and many brides have taken inspiration from the beautiful ornaments shown in the movie from pearls and coloured gemstones to enamel- hybrid class ornaments.

Want Umrao Jaan inspired jewellery for your wedding day? Here is the vital jewels you MUST consider for your bridal look:


The Guluband: A proud possession of a Mughal woman. This jewel was iconic throughout the movie. Why the Guluband? The words regal and elegance comes to mind and if made right just hits the mark beyond any other necklace. Generally, the Guluband is made from precious metal- gemstones worn tightly around the neck. This ornament consists of many identical patterned units that are assembled in a straight series (patti strip) encompassing around the neck (gala). To complete this jewel you often see a lower fringe of pearls, rubies, emeralds hanging How to wear: As time goes on I see more Barat brides wear a guluband with kundan and precious stones. Pair your guluband with a haar for a Mughal inspired regal elegance like Rekha!


Lara haar, Patri Haar, Rupaya Haar are all various styles of this form of neckwear which is traditionally double or single stranded embedded with pearls,rubies and emeralds.

How to wear: You may opt for a single haar or several graduated lengths of haars to be worn together. If you go for the multi look… PLEASE don’t overdo it. It is so easy to over kill this elegant look. Keep it simple as its crucial not to don’t lose delicacy, examine every stone and pearl with your jeweller so your haar enhances your wedding dress and your theme.


The hand piece or ‘hand candy’ whatever you like to call it has made a comeback and looks like it’s here to stay! As seen on the beauty Umrao Jaan who has this ornament dazzling all her fingers which has jewel embedded rings attached. Interestingly, it is tradition to have a thumb ring also present, where in place of a jewel a little round mirror with kundan or pearls is attached instead. So the story goes, the thumb mirror would be used for brides to view their husbands for the first time…so symbolic and romantic! **gushes**.


So we all know my love for the nath, but this nath is very symbolic, illustrating strength for a woman and a powerful enhancement of beauty for the bride. There are various styles of naths but what captivates throughout this film is the small hoop, circular gold wire known as a Besar.

How to wear: The small nose ring is perfect for those who want to make a simple statement with the rest of the jewels making a big impact.

Would you consider having an Umrao Jaan inspired jewelled look for your wedding? Leave a comment below!

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