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The Choker Trend Is Back!

Yes…. I remember this trend from when I was a teeny bopper, okay I wasn’t that young but the 90’s trends are hauntingly back from crop tops, ripped jeans, overalls (Kylie Jenner basically)

Here is The Choker making a prized comeback !

Taken from eastern influences, everyone from Sonam Kapoor,Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and top fashion bloggers have been making waves with the super tight necklace in various forms. Designers showcasing looks on the Spring/Summer catwalks from London, Paris and New York all made a raging statement for the choke-hold look.

Ralph Lauren created waves with his colorful multi-tiered choker necklace. Givenchy opted for the minimal affair and McQueen has crystalized it out with opulent structural chokers. There’s definitely something out there for everyone…


Just like any statement jewellery it takes CONFIDENCE to pull off any bold eye-catching accessories. This year isn’t about delicate chains but about bold, intricate, colour clashing patterns. Designers such as Balmain, Michael Kors and Elie Tahari have all put their own twist to the choker. Wear it to a charity dinner or a special occasion.Get ready to have all eyes on you!


Consider the length and width of your neck. I meet many women who opt out of wearing a choker as they feel they will not pull it off… If you have a longer neck wear a choker with detail and gems; however for a woman with a wider neck it is best to go for a design that is smaller and simple.


There are so many styles and varieties available at the moment. A simple statement choker necklace is a simple necklace that can revive your entire wardrobe and add that new lease of life to old favorites. Something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans can be a focal point and make something basic look brilliant.

On an evening out with the girls you don’t need to overdose on jewels, add the neck candy and keep the rest of your accessories simple.


Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different necklines…weather high or low it all works! V necks instantly put chokers on display and high necks give a framing effect that looks chic! If you’re wearing a t shirt, then avoid a choker that will hang down over the top as it will cause a bulky look which is not flattering at all!

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