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Evolution of the Ear Cuff

The Ear cuff not only associated as the must have 90s accessory for ‘grunge style’ but also worn in ancient times by Greek aristocrats as a symbol of their wealthy status. Fast forward to today and this slick must have accessory has made a comeback that has no sign of slowing down.

At first, I wasn’t a fan of the style maybe because the only cuffs I have worn were in the form of chunky bangles on my wrists. However, a few weeks ago I finally got around watching the movie 300: Rise of an Empire! Amongst the bloodshed, leather and overall brutality of the war film, my focus was on Artemisa played by the stunning Eva Green.

Aside from her sinister ways the jewellery captivated me especially her ear cuff, an accessory that was prominent throughout the entire film. Gold, spiked and completely wrapping around her ear- a statement in its own way and hard to miss.

From warriors to top designers such as Jean Paul Gautier and Chanel who have made the ear cuff a catwalk staple and no edgy front cover is complete without the ear cuff. Celebrities can’t get enough of this jewel too! Repeat offenders of the ear cuff include Sonam Kapoor, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne

With my summer holiday just weeks away I made it my mission to find the perfect ear cuff and finally give this style a go!

Here are my main reasons why YOU should rock this look

Endless Style

From designer to high street.-Simple hoop, gem encrusted or spiked. All depends on how dramatic you want to go and what suites your personality.

Add an ear cuff to compliment your summer up do or side swept hair style…summer inspired make up (minimal eye makeup teamed with bright lips) and voila the perfect SELFIE!

Are you a needlephobe like me?

The thought of getting another piecing can be daunting but most designs available clip to the cartilage of the ear. No piercing needed. NO EXCUSE

Take baby steps…

The best way to approach the ear cuff is by taking baby steps. Go small and gradually increase the drama!

Before investing in a designer cuff, buy a ‘dupe’ cuff. See how it fits and looks on your ear then invest in THE cuff you want.

Wear it with confidence; think about the first time you had to wear a headpiece. If you can do that then you can certainly have the confidence to rock this style!

Then turn heads..

If you choose to wear a dramatic cuff don’t wear a statement necklace that’s going to compete for attention as it will over kill your look. Stack some bracelets or rings instead!

Plus no matter how dramatic you go or heavily jewelled your cuff is, it won’t weight down your ears or leave you feeling sore after an evening out. However it is important just to wear ONE cuff only. Chose wise and wear it on your best side!

Would you rock this look? Leave a comment below!

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