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The Saath Lara Haar – Jewel Of The Nizami Bridals

We talk about the everlasting impact of the Mughal and Rajistani jewellery trends but we forget to mention the significance of Hyderabadi jewels aka Jewels of the Nizam that have introduced rare pieces of untold history into our culture.

One of my favourite timeless lucrative pieces of the Nizam heirlooms is the Saathlara Haar or the Seven stranded necklace. This piece originally consisted of 150 large and 230 small Basra pearls with uncut diamond pendants attached to each strand.

Today’s bridal trends are opting for a contemporary twist on the “Saathlara Haar”.


The say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Basra pearls were the Nizam women’ besties for sure. They are highly valued, rare and symbolize good fortune. We can all have affordable Saathlaras- Get the Nizam look by asking your jeweler for small irregular shaped intricate pearls which create an epitome of luxury. It was believed that the Nizam’s entire collection of Basra pearls could fill up an Olympic size swimming pool… Impressive or what??


Dress your sari, lehenga choli, or even a plan tee and jeans.The options are endless. This is one versatile piece that will add the WOW factor whenever it’s worn. Wear it with a larger necklace or on its own. There is no right or wrong way.. As Sabyasachi puts it “Jewellery should be large and offensive” so however you wear it .. Make sure you wear it well!!


If you’re daring and want to step away from pearls then turn heads by adding small antique golden balls to your haar. These will compliment any bridal dress and style. The golden brash elements are even more striking than the typical haar.

Recently at a family wedding I wore my Saath lara with a plain sari and sequin blouse. The outfit was totally effortless and my haar did the talking!


If this jewel is not a part of your bridal look..then why not accessorize the Groom’s sherwani with this exquisite traditional ornament? Let’s not forget about how royal Hrithik Roshan looked in ‘Jodha Akbar’

Jewels for the groom will be included in a future post!

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