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How To Wear The Palm Cuff

Palm cuff, handcuff, hand bracelet or a handlet – call it whatever you want but this is the missing statement piece that your outfit needs.

The emergence of the Palm Cuff did surprise me- A cuff that is worn around the palm rather than the wrist, it made wonder who would want a band of metal hugging their palm? Just like the midi ring… I admit I was slightly hesitant to try out this trend as I’m a comfort-over-fashion kind of girl.

Surprisingly the palm cuffs have been described as easy to wear and comfortable. I bought mine two years ago whilst in Istanbul and was assured that it wouldn’t fall off.

If you’re a key board office queen. it is practical for office wear as well and a great conversation starter. The trend is leading the way with style hawks such as Outhouse, Suhani Pittie and Anoushka being seen wearing them .

Styling a palm cuff shouldn’t be too difficult to perfect. Some won’t hesitate to over state this trend, while others would rather let the palm cuff stand on its own.. yes talk to the hand!

Trendsetting celebs have upped the jewellery game by mixing cutting edge designs with everything from spikes to elegant and glamorous diamonds, small crystals and pearls!

Lets see if the palm cuff has the staying power and takes over as quick as the midi ring trend. It definitely has got me thinking which body cuff will be introduced next…

Are you in love with the palm cuff trend? Let us know by dropping a note in the comments!

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